Made with hand-picked, sun-ripened peppers, vinegar and nothing else, there’s a reason The Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce™ has been a fan favorite for over 90 years.

From the beloved taste of the Original, to bold, adventurous flavors like Garlic Lovers and Smoked Chipotle, you’ve got options when it comes to giving your recipes a kick.

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Original Louisiana Hot Sauce

Louisiana Original Hot Sauce

6oz Bottle

Louisiana Original Hot Sauce

1 Gallon

Louisiana Original Hot Sauce


Louisiana Original Hot Sauce

12oz Bottle

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Our hot sauces add a burst of heat and flavor that’s sure to have customers asking for more. Use them as an ingredient, or as a condiment on your tables and in your to-go bags.

Our sauces are known for quality and a simple balance of heat and flavor. Now, let’s put that reputation to work in your own dishes.

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