Loaded Bacon-Onion Fries

Indulgent shareable or standalone snack—no judgement. Crispy french fries topped with creamy soubise sauce, crispy bacon crumbles, diced tomatoes and pepper jack cheese.

Pasta a la Soubise

Onions, bell peppers, peas, sliced garlic and crushed red pepper sautéed in olive oil and tossed with smoked sausage, orecchiette pasta and a little soubise for next-level deliciousness.

Potato and Cheddar Soup

You’ll go crazy over this creamy, delicious potato and cheddar cheese soup. The addition of a little bacon and chives is perfection!

Handmade Wonton Soup

Handmade pork wontons in a delicious ginger-chicken broth. This recipe only takes about 35 minutes to prepare, and it is so delicious and healthy!