You dream it.
We’ll make it delicious.

At Summit Hill Foods, everything we do is built around a vision – yours.

From creating new flavors to helping you solve operational challenges, our team is here to customize a solution that brings possibilities to your menu and your business.

We’re not just another foodservice company:

Greater Innovation
Find the perfect flavors to enhance your menu with custom-made mixes, marinades, sauces and more – or purchase one of our trusted brands off the shelf.
More Collaboration
Work with our top chefs, food scientists and quality assurance teams to create solutions that meet the unique needs of your business and customers, from recipe to kitchen to table.
Improved Operations
Once we’ve achieved your vision, we’ll help you develop the right packaging and the processes you need to streamline production.

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Our culture is the main ingredient in creating food experiences that satisfy the world’s appetite.

We started as a small family-owned bakery nearly 80 years ago. Our history of hard work and innovation makes us the adaptable, forward-thinking, continuously growing company that we are today.

Better Than Bouillon
Louisiana hot Sauce
Southeastern Mills