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We can’t tell you exactly what we’ll do for you because we haven’t met you yet. But once we know your vision, we can make it tastier, spicier, more convenient or whatever you’re looking for.

Let’s Build Something Together

Our Solutions

Put the full force of top chefs, food scientists and quality assurance teams to work on your next brilliant flavor.

Custom Flavors

Everything starts with flavor. It’s what keeps our customers and yours coming back. We’d love to help you push the envelope with fresh ideas and custom flavors for any dish you dream up.

• Bases and pastes
• Stocks and broths
• Flavor concentrates
• Granular and powder bouillons
• Marinades and rubs
• Desserts

Custom Sauces

Our sauce masters can craft custom sauces from hot sauces to sweet sauces, Asian-inspired and more. Each custom sauce has its own unique flavor to tempt the palates of each restaurant’s unique guests.

• Hot sauces
• Wing sauces
• Sweet sauces
• Savory sauces
• Ethnic-inspired sauces

Custom Packaging

We’re happy to help you find the right packaging for custom flavor and sauce solutions. Meet your back-of-house storage and convenience needs while satisfying front of house with signature flavor.

• Dry or wet ingredients
• Batch solutions for specific recipes
• Configured by weight, type and use
• Tubs, cases, shakers, buckets, barrels and any size you could need!

Meet Evolving Consumer Needs

Clean Label

Our Process

  1. 1.


    Tell us what you’re after. Have ideas about a flavor profile? Texture? Label certifications? We’ll start there.

  2. 2.


    After sourcing ingredients and fine-tuning recipes, we’ll send samples your way to review the taste, consistency, and appearance.

  3. 3.


    Fly in, taste, tweak, perfect and finalize your flavor(s) all in a day or two. You’ll walk out the door with a new flavor that’s exactly the way you want it.

  4. 4.


    You’ll receive small batches to test in your own facility. Then we’ll make necessary adjustments and get you what you need to ramp up production.

  5. 5.


    We’ll produce and package exactly what you need and coordinate with shipping partners to get it where it needs to be.

Our Chefs

  • Jay Fallon

    Jay Fallon

    Corporate Chef

    Understands the demands of the restaurant biz—as an avid skier with a Squaw Valley restaurant he only made it out once per season.

    As a restaurant owner and chef for over 30 years across the country from Boston to Lake Tahoe to Reno, Chef Jay has brought both practicality and big ideas to his tenure in the corporate chef world. He understands real-world needs, and can deliver in all-new ways.

  • Nicholas Landry

    Nicholas Landry

    Corporate Chef

    Lights up remembering the smell and taste of his grandmother’s “Coush-Coush” recipe

    After graduating from the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute, Chef Nick worked as a line cook, caterer, head restaurant chef and eventually found his passion as an R&D chef. And he did so all over the place, from New York to St. Thomas to his home state of Louisiana.

  • Maryanne Jones

    Maryanne Jones

    Chef & Food Scientist

    Lover of food, people and being outdoors, especially if they all come together at the same time.

    Chef Maryanne loves it when culinary art & science combine. With degrees in both from the Culinary Institute of America in New York, she loves everything about food! Her passion began at the ripe age of 3 when she made her first eggs and the rest is history.

  • Hadley Katzenbach

    Hadley Katzenbach

    Corporate Chef

    Loves that creating a single cleaner, healthier solution can help thousands eat better

    A CIA trained chef with experience across the industry, particularly in high-end hotels across the globe where guest lists included the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales, Chef Hadley has a passion for flavor and keen taste for perfection.

Our Innovation Centers

Our two Culinary Innovation Centers feature over 5,000 ft2 of state-of-the-art lab, culinary, sensory and ideation space where we happily collaborate with customers on custom solutions.

Our Scalability

We work with organizations of all sizes and types in the food industry. Our USDA-certified Pilot Plant and multiple manufacturing facilities enable us to produce product batches below the minimums of other manufacturers, and beyond the maximums. It’s a seamless process that reduces development time from months to just days.

Our Certifications

Quality is at the core of everything we do. That’s one reason we follow a strict food safety plan under the HACCP method, and implement a comprehensive SQF management system to address food safety and quality requirements.

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